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With the love for the ink black and symmetrical/geometry shapes, Naomi began to develop her style of tattooing since 2013. Being on this creative path and expresses this channel, also in spiritual portal tattoos is her soulmission.

It is a beautiful process of co-creating your ideas into sketches and to realise the tattoo thereafter in a safe environment and in a respectful way. The studio is a warm safe space to be comfortable to enjoy your tattoo experience. Hope to welcome you soon at my temple with love, light and blessings!




Creating moments and intentions into artwork to wear for the rest of your life.
Channeled with full devotion in energy, attention and care into your tattoo.


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To receive a spiritual soul marking, I always ask to please meet up in the studio in person.The process is done as a full ritual and requires a open intention for us to open up the energy field to let the channel flow.The channelling will be created with full respect, integrity and devotion of this energy work, and is really a portal at service for you in a unique way.This channel will come in a specific style, with only lines and dots and geometry to have the balance in it.
Symbols and light codes and shapes and forms, wich all have a unique meaning that comes from your own higher self/energy field.

When the spiritual portal is channeled and drawn, I also write down and talk about what was received in every symbol with sacred meaning.

The day will be a ritual in flow to what is needed to really empower this portal and connect it with your whole being.

By holding a safe space, cleaning energy before tattooing and after a activion of the design.

For the love for nature, I will work with vegan/animal friendly/eco tattoo products in my studio.If you feel the call to receive this, feel free and welcome to contact me and open up to this experience.


I always feel grateful and honored for anyone who wants to make an appointment in my tattoo shop. If you make an appointment I would prefer to receive an email or we can plan an intake session in person.

How to book your appointment? Please send a clear email with all the information below to: onyxtattootemple@gmail.com

Your email should include:

  • your ideas/wishes
  • photo reference or body placement
  • tattoo size in cm
  • style tattoo and reference images
  • day/month preference to get tattooed

After receiving this information I can give you an indication of the price and the number of hours by responding to your email.

  • When you make an appointment, a deposit must be paid. This will be between 50 – 100 euros, depending on the size of the tattoo and the amount of sessions (not refundable).
  • I only tattoo ages above 18 years old, so please bring your ID to fill in the GGD-form before tattooing.
  • If you need to change the date or cancel your appointment, please let me know 48 hours before the actual appointment.
  • Please pay attention! You wont get your refund back when you cancel your appointment too late or by not showing up.
  • It’s no problem to bring an extra friend or support to your appointment.



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